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Human Capital as a Development Factor for Cultural and Creative Industries


Yurii Horban, Tetiana Dolbenko, Tetiana Yaroshenko, Oleksandr Sokol, Nataliia Miatenko


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 604-610


Human capital is the defining value of the national economy under market conditions. The manifestation of human capital is realized as an intellectual and creative capital, theoretically grounded and proven. The realization of intellectual capital is realized through the research creativity of scientists and researchers, and creative capital is manifested through artists and thinkers. Accordingly, creativity in market conditions forms a separate source of income and is an essential article in the formation of the GDP of the national economy. This research aims to analyze human capital from the perspective of cultural and creative industries. Research methods: systematization; comparative analysis of individual indicators of advanced countries of the world on the training system; statistical, taking into account macroeconomic indicators to assess the level of national creativity potential; system and logical analysis; method of information synthesis. Research results. The structural and quantitative composition of the factors of intellectual and creative capital formation has been systematized. The article proves that the unique properties of human capital, knowledge, creativity, experience and professional skills are the push factors of creativity development of the national economy and provide the priority development of creative and cultural industry that allows generating the added value on the national scale. The functions of creativity in the sphere of cultural industries are highlighted. It is noted that education and creativity of both intellectual and creative capital are the forming basis. The research of the world's advanced countries on the creativity index has pointed out the Netherlands as the leading country in the quantitative measurement of creativity. The economic development factors of the Netherlands were analyzed from the position of economic creativity, which allowed the formation of a two-factor model providing priority development of creativity in the cultural and creative industries.


Human Capital, Intellectual Capital, Creative Capital, Global Creativity Index, Cultural and Creative Industries.