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Agile Risk Mitigation Framework


Anum Naz, Ahmad Salman Khan, Muhammad Atif


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 586-596


Software organisations follow different methodologies for the development of software. The software development methodologies are mainly divided into two categories, including plan-driven and agile development. To attain project success, it is very significant to consider risk management during whole project. Agile development is considered risk-driven, but many risks are unreported at the industrial level. The risks can be divided into three categories, including (i) development risks, (ii) organisations risks, and (iii) people-oriented risks. This paper deals with Development risks specifically. Several risks related to development are faced by people working in the industry while dealing with agile development. Their management among the industry is a big issue, so this paper emphasises ARMF based on development-related risks by following agile development. This research work will help software organisations to prevent different project-related risks during agile development. The risks are elicited at two-level, (i) literature-based and (ii) IT industry based. A systematic literature review was performed for eliciting the agile risks from the literature. Detailed case studies and survey research methods were applied for eliciting risks from IT industry. Finally, we merged the agile development risks from literature with standard industrial risks. Hence, we established an agile risk mitigation framework ARMF based on agile development and present a groundwork established in light of empirical examination for extending it in future research.


Agile, Risk management, Scrum, Kanban