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Debugging of Parallel Programs using Distributed Cooperating Components


Reema Mohammad Mrayyan, Ahmad AbdulQadir Al Rababah


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 570-578


Recently, in the field of engineering and scientific and technical calculations, problems of mathematical modeling, real-time problems, there has been a tendency towards rejection of sequential solutions for single-processor computers. Almost all modern application packages created in the above areas are focused on a parallel or distributed computing environment. This is primarily due to the ever-increasing requirements for the reliability of the results obtained and the accuracy of calculations, and hence the multiply increasing volumes of processed data [2,17,41]. In addition, new methods and algorithms for solving problems appear, the implementation of which on single-processor systems would be simply impossible due to increased requirements for the performance of the computing system. The ubiquity of various types of parallel systems also plays a positive role in this process. Simultaneously with the growing demand for parallel programs and the proliferation of multiprocessor, multicore and cluster technologies, the development of parallel programs is becoming more and more urgent, since program users want to make the most of the capabilities of their modern computing equipment[14,39]. The high complexity of the development of parallel programs, which often does not allow the efficient use of the capabilities of high-performance computers, is a generally accepted fact[23,31].


Debugging of Parallel Programs, Distributed Cooperating Components