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A Coherent Algorithm for Noise Revocation of Multispectral Images by Fast HD-NLM and its Method Noise Abatement


Vijayalaxmi Hegde, Basavaraj N. Jagadale, and Mukund N. Naragund


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 556-564


Numerous spatial and transform-domain-based conventional denoising algorithms struggle to keep critical and minute structural features of the image, especially at high noise levels. Although neural network approaches are effective, they are not always reliable since they demand a large quantity of training data, are computationally complicated, and take a long time to construct the model. A new framework of enhanced hybrid filtering is developed for denoising color images tainted by additive white Gaussian Noise with the goal of reducing algorithmic complexity and improving performance. In the first stage of the proposed approach, the noisy image is refined using a high-dimensional non-local means filter based on Principal Component Analysis, followed by the extraction of the method noise. The wavelet transform and SURE Shrink techniques are used to further culture this method noise. The final denoised image is created by combining the results of these two steps.Experiments were carried out on a set of standard color images corrupted by Gaussian noise with multiple standard deviations. Comparative analysis of empirical outcome indicates that the proposed method outperforms leading-edge denoising strategies in terms of consistency and performance while maintaining the visual quality.This algorithm ensures homogeneous noise reduction, which is almost independent of noise variations. The power of both the spatial and transform domains is harnessed in this multi realm consolidation technique. Rather than processing individual colors, it works directly on the multispectral image. Uses minimal resources and produces superior quality output in the optimal execution time.


AWGN; PSNR; SSIM; Wavelet Thresholding; NL-Means Algorithm.