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Tracing Students Performance by Intervention of the Academic Advisor


Abdelmoneim Ali Mohamed, Faisal Mohammed Nafie


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 539-543


Data mining technique was used to track student’s performance during years studding in college and determine the impact of GPA_SEC on the GPA student rates according to the current academic advising method used on student’s status. The study utilized a sample of 5436 individuals were drawn from two colleges in Majmaah University, KSA during 2013-2018 period. The results showed that the student's completion status in terms of graduation, dropout, Stumbling or dismissed was classified according to the average grades of admission from secondary school GPA_SEC. The results show the effect of the current academic advising that most of students gain less grades comparing with GPA_SEC in addition that the higher GPA_SEC was the higher graduation , dropout and dismissed decreased when GPA_SEC was high.. Therefore, the study recommends tracking students academically to evaluate their results of each semester to find out the causes of the deficiencies and addressing them within the departments.


Educational data mining, Academic Advising, Dropout, Stumbling, Performance.