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Methods for Assessing the Innovative Capacity of Agri-food Enterprises


Olga Orlova-Kurilova, Ivan Liubimov, Petr Yaremovich, Iryna Safronska, Tetiana Voron’ko-Nevidnycha, Mykola Dziuba, Serhii Serhiienko, Volodymyr Tkachenko


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 503-512


The article proposes a methodical approach to assessing the innovative capacity of agri-food enterprises. This approach is based on the calculation of personnel, investment, technical and technological, information components of the ability of agri-food enterprises to innovate. The algorithm of search of production, intellectual, financial, information resources reserves, which are necessary for functioning of the enterprises of agro-food sphere, is defined. The approach developed by the authors, in contrast to the existing ones in the scientific world, allows the tools of mathematical modeling to identify shortcomings in the development of agri-food enterprises, to forecast the development of these enterprises and on this basis to form different models of market stakeholders. The method proposed by the authors to assess the innovative capacity of agri-food enterprises allows market participants to assess the current state of agri-food enterprises and form the necessary management levers to influence its activities to eliminate market failures and pitfalls.


innovative potential, agri-food enterprises, personnel policy, financial reserves, modeling