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Directions of the Activation of the Development of a Small Innovative Enterprise


Nadiia Antypenko, Wang Dongcheng, Zhanna Lysenko, Olena Krasnonosova, Liudmyla Grynevych


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 495-502


The study is devoted to substantiation of directions of intensification of development of small innovative enterprise, which has a significant impact on the overall innovation activity of the country and promotes innovative development, transition to more advanced technological systems. The outlined role of small business in innovative development in the direction of intensifying innovation in the economy, improving organization and production, as well as in the form of direct participation in the innovation process, production of science-intensive products, stimulating demand for innovation. A group of factors hindering the development of small innovative entrepreneurship was identified, including: financial aspects of the activity, shortcomings of organizational and communicative nature, underdeveloped technology market, information plan problems, internal production problems of small business, market problems. The directions of intensification of the development of small innovative entrepreneurship are substantiated, namely: financial and credit support of small innovative entrepreneurship; introduction of tax incentives; material and technical support; nationwide intensification of innovation activity; information support; development of innovation infrastructure. The involvement of the outlined directions of intensification of small innovative entrepreneurship will help to obtain a synergistic effect of innovative development of both small innovative business structures and the economy as a whole.


ground innovative entrepreneurship, intensification of development, innovations.