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Prospects of Dual Form of Teaching and Learning in the Realities of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the Post-pandemic Period


Maryna Bratitsel, Olena Kravchuk, Liliya Tishko, Valerii Osiievskyi, Victoriia Bellie


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 483-490


The COVID-19 pandemic has posed significant community challenges towards higher education around the world. The urgent and unexpected request for full-time university courses to switch over to online teaching was a particular challenge. Online learning and learning imply a certain pedagogical knowledge content (PKC), mainly related to the design and organization for better learning and the creation of unique learning environments using digital technologies. With the help of the present academic paper, we provide some expert opinion on the PKC connected with online learning with the aim of helping non-university professionals (that is, those with lack of online learning experience) navigate these challenging times. Our findings point to the planning of learning activities with certain features, a combination of three types of presence (social, cognitive and facilitative) and the need to adapt the assessment system to new learning requirements. We will conclude by contemplating on how responding to a crisis can improve teaching and learning practices in the post-digital era.


online learning, emergency, COVID-19, higher education, pedagogical knowledge content (PKC), instructional design