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Theoretical Problems of Designing Pedagogical Technologies in Higher Education Institutions


Svitlana Yakymenko, Marianna Sukholova, Vira Drahunova, Anatolii Konokh, Nataliia Levchenko, Nataliia Bozhok


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 469-472


The article discusses theoretical and methodological issues of modern pedagogical technologies: the essence, structure, functions, principles, conditions for successful functioning in educational process of the university. The article reflects the results of the analysis of publications on the following grounds: 1) levels of presentation of scientific information (theoretical, theoretical and experimental, empirical); 2) signs and properties of educational technologies; 3) approaches to the choice of grounds for classifications of educational technologies; 4) the possibilities of educational technologies in the formation of the academic, communicative and professional competence of a specialist; 5) criteria for assessing the effectiveness of their application in university educational practice; 6) the readiness of university teachers to develop and implement educational technologies.


pedagogical design, modern educational technologies, ways of designing innovative pedagogical technologies