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Improving the Efficiency and Scalability of Standard Methods for Data Cryptography


Mua’ad M. Abu-Faraj and Ziad A. Alqadi


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 451-458


Providing a secure and effective way to protect confidential and private data is an urgent process, and accordingly, we will present in this research paper a new method, which is called multiple rounds variable block method (MRVB) which depends on the use of a colored image that is kept secret to generate needed work and round keys. This method can be used to encrypt-decrypt data using various lengths private key and data blocks with various sizes. The number of rounds also will be variable starting from one round. MRVB will be implemented and compared with the encryption-decryption standards DES and AES to show the improvements provided by the proposed method in increasing the security level and in increasing the throughput of the process of data cryptography. The generated private key contents will depend on the used image_key and on the selected number of rounds and the selected number of bytes in each block of data.


MRVB, DES, AES, PK, WK, RK, throughput, MSE, PSNR.