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Economic and Information Principles for Cargo Delivery Management in Global Network Supply Chains


Liliia Savchenko, Natalia Biletska, Oleksii Buriachenko, Marina Shmahelska, ?nnа Коpchykova, Igor Vasylenko


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 443-450


The study is devoted to the formation of a economic principles cargo delivery management in global supply chains. Mathematical model of delivering special categories of goods by road is a key element of these principles. The article analyzes the existing studies on solving the problem of cargo delivery in various aspects. It was noted that the greatest attention is paid to legal regulation, last mile delivery, optimization of routes and delivery schemes, information support, technological innovations, cluster routing, etc. In the developed mathematical model a minimum of total costs of forming loading units and freight shipments was defined as the criterion of optimality of organizing delivery by motor transport. The authors propose the creation of logistics clusters allowing the integration of urban transport flows and global supply chains.


Information aspects, delivery management, logistics clusters, logistics systems.