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Design as a Factor in the Formation of Worldview Paradigms in Culture


Natalia Lopukhova, Tetyana Dementovich, Anastasiia Misheniuk, Olena Peresunko, Yana Ternopolska Yana Ternopolska


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 437-442


This article highlights the importance of design in the formation of worldview paradigms in global culture. The research aims to investigate the design development as a part of the culture and its significance in the social development of society and worldview standards. The article uses general scientific methods of cognition, showing the transformation of design in the social and cultural sphere based on scientific and business literature. The research results show the chronology of design development as a factor determining the development of society and its worldview. In particular, the epoch of modernism, classical functionalism, postmodernism, post-industrialism, and digital design show their own particularities of design development. Furthermore, the article reveals the peculiarities of design development and its requirements depending on the development of society, progress, and civilization in general. The question of current and future trends in the development of design as a factor of worldview paradigms in the culture is based on digitalization, globalization, and the formation of design as an independent entity that determines man's place in the world and society.


Design, Worldview, Modernism, Postmodernism, Post-Industrialism, Digitalization.