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European Integration Processes for the Development of Future Foreign Language Specialists in the Information Society


Natalia Lazarenko, Olga Zadorozhna, Tetiana Prybora, Аndrii Shevchuk, Volodymyr Sulym, Nataliya Rudnytska


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 427-436


The article reveals and theoretically substantiates the trends of foreign language teachers’ professional training in universities of Ukraine in terms of European integration, which are systematized in three areas: macro-level (system of education), meso-level (universities) and micro-level (subjects of educational process). The article aims to substantiate the trends of foreign language teacher training in the context of European integration and the main directions of creative use of constructive ideas of European experience in the innovative development of education. The article lights up the system for improving foreign language teacher training in universities, which is based on updated goals, content and approaches to the implementation of basic concepts, principles and features of teacher training in European experience, enable us to improve the quality of teacher training, its competitiveness in the European labor market. In the article developed the conceptual model of strategic development of the university in the conditions of European integration. It is emphasized that information technologies provide great opportunities for the development of professional skills and intellectual potential of future professionals. At present, the computerization of the educational process in higher education institutions is considered as one of the first and most promising areas for improving the quality of education. The article offered directions of internationalization of educational activity of university in the conditions of European integration. Diagnostic tools for the development of the university in terms of integration into the European educational space, individual rating and ranking of structural units of the university have been developed; main directions of activity of the laboratory of the skill of the teacher of higher school and methodical recommendations on the creation and the organization of work of scientific laboratories.


information technologies, training, foreign language teacher, university, development strategy, globalization, European integration.