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Inquiring Prescriptions Using Geographic Information System (GIS)


Asim Seedahmed Ali Osman, Eman Galaleldin Ahmed Kalil


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 409-414


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is considered to be one of the most important technologies provided by the Internet in our era. GIS enables institutions and individuals to plan and make decisions in many fields. GIS assists in accessing new and updated information on planning process. GIS also enables determining distances such as length, width, area on a map, and allows analyzing and processing a large amount of data for the search of geographical characteristics of locations. This paper explains the concept of dispensing prescription through the specific code of drug on an electronic system using GIS technology. The proposed methodology aims to inform patients of all the prescriptions dispensed and to help individuals inquiring about prescription at the nearest pharmacy through GIS technology. This proposed methodology is considered significant in some cases, as the patient does not know price, specifications and pharmacy location where the drug required is available, thus increasing the time and effort cost that is spent searching for the prescription.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS); Remote Sensing (RS); Management Information Systems (MIS).