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Design and Analysis of Fabrication Threat Management in Peer-to-Peer Collaborative Location Privacy


Balaso Jagdale, Shounak Sugave, and Kishor Kolhe


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 399-408


Information security reports four types of basic attacks on information. One of the attacks is named as fabrication. Even though mobile devices and applications are showing its maturity in terms of performance, security and ubiquity, location-based applications still faces challenges of quality of service, privacy, integrity, authentication among mobile devices and hence mobile users associated with the devices. There is always a continued fear as how location information of users or IoT appliances is used by third party LB Service providers. Even adversary or malicious attackers get hold of location information in transit or fraudulently hold this information. In this paper, location information fabrication scenarios are presented after knowing basic model of information attacks. Peer-to-Peer broadcast model of location privacy is proposed. This document contains introduction to fabrication, solutions to such threats, management of fabrication mitigation in collaborative or peer to peer location privacy and its cost analysis. There are various infrastructure components in Location Based Services such as Governance Server, Point of interest POI repository, POI service, End users, Intruders etc. Various algorithms are presented and analyzed for fabrication management, integrity, and authentication. Moreover, anti-fabrication mechanism is devised in the presence of trust. Over cost analysis is done for anti-fabrication management due to nature of various cryptographic combinations.


scientific research; integrated automated systems; financial automated systems; financial systems for scientific research; Northern Border University.