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Regulation of International Economic-Legal Cooperation in the Field of Agricultural Production through the Prism of Information Technology Development


Petro Matvieiev, Nataliia Baadzhy, Maria Gurenko, Volodymyr Myroshnychenko, Iryna Feofanova


Vol. 21  No. 11  pp. 143-150


International economic and legal cooperation can ensure the transition of agriculture to the trajectory of sustainable development. The paper considers in detail the set of common goals and problems of an international nature, the solution of which is aimed at global legal regulation of cooperation between states. It is also noted about the impact of information technology on agricultural development. The following methods of scientific cognition are used: a historical, systematic approach to research, method of analysis, and synthesis. Research results: a scientific idea of the importance of international cooperation in general and global collaboration in the field of agricultural production in particular. It is stated that states are obliged to cooperate, regardless of differences in their political, economic, and social systems, in various areas of international relations to maintain international peace, security and promote worldwide economic stability and progress, the common good of peoples. It is emphasized the need to build such relations in the agricultural sector, which take into account the interests of all states.


information technologies, international cooperation, international organizations, agricultural production, food security.