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Improved Multi-layer Authentication Scheme by Merging One-time Password with Voice Biometric Factor


Amal ALRUWAILI and Saloua Hendaoui


Vol. 21  No. 9  pp. 346-353


In this proposal, we aim to enhance the security of systems accounts by improving the authentication techniques. We mainly intend to enhance the accuracy of the one-time passwords via including voice biometric and recognition techniques. The recognition will be performed on the server to avoid redirecting voice signatures by hackers. Further, to enhance the privacy of data and to ensure that the active user is legitimate, we propose to periodically update the activated sessions using a user-selected biometric factor. Finally, we recommend adding a pre-transaction re-authentication which will guarantee enhanced security for sensitive operations. The main novelty of this proposal is the use of the voice factor in the verification of the one-time password and the various levels of authentications for a full-security guarantee. The improvement provided by this proposal is mainly designed for sensitive applications. From conducted simulations, findings prove the efficiency of the proposed scheme in reducing the probability of hacking users' sessions.


cybersecurity, authentication, password, biometric, voice, recognition, three levels