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A Multi-Indexes Based Technique for Resolving Collision in a Hash Table


Ahmed Dalhatu Yusuf1, Prof. Saleh Abdullahi2, Prof. Moussa Mahamat Boukar3 and Salisu Ibrahim Yusuf4


Vol. 21  No. 9  pp. 339-345


The rapid development of various applications in networking system, business, medical, education, and other domains that use basic data access operations such as insert, edit, delete and search makes data structure venerable and crucial in providing an efficient method for day to day operations of those numerous applications. One of the major problems of those applications is achieving constant time to search a key from a collection. A number of different methods which attempt to achieve that have been discovered by researchers over the years with different performance behaviors. This work evaluated these methods, and found out that almost all the existing methods have non-constant time for adding and searching a key. In this work, we designed a multi-indexes hashing algorithm that handles a collision in a hash table T efficiently and achieved constant time O(1) for searching and adding a key. Our method employed two-level of hashing which uses pattern extraction h1(key) and h2(key). The second hash function h2(key) is use for handling collision in T. Here, we eliminated the wasted slots in the search space T which is another problem associated with the existing methods.


Hashing, hash function, collision resolution method