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Self-Organized Hierarchy Tree Protocol for Energy-Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks




Vol. 21  No. 9  pp. 230-238


A sensor network is made up of many sensors deployed in different areas to be monitored. They communicate with each other through a wireless medium. The routing of collected data in the wireless network consumes most of the energy of the network. In the literature, several routing approaches have been proposed to conserve the energy at the sensor level and overcome the challenges inherent in its limitations. In this paper, we propose a new low-energy routing protocol for power grids sensors based on an unsupervised clustering approach. Our protocol equitably harnesses the energy of the selected cluster-head nodes and conserves the energy dissipated when routing the captured data at the Base Station (BS). The simulation results show that our protocol reduces the energy dissipation and prolongs the network lifetime.


Wireless sensor networks; routing protocol; clustering techniques; energy consumption; optimization.