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Theoretical Principles Of Using Innovative Modern Technologies In Higher Education Institutions


Olha Komar, Ievgen Bazhenkov, Оlga Vnukova, Halyna Kolomoiets, Anatolii Yanchyshyn, Oksana Polishchuk


Vol. 21  No. 9  pp. 185-190


The article is assigned to a prelude to the joke of effective pedagogical technologies in professional education in the minds of ?? continuity. Analyzed the definitions ""innovation"", ""technology"", ""pedagogical technology"", ""Innovation pedagogical technology"". Blocks have been added, which are stored in innovation processes in the light. The significant role of innovation in education is stated. Presented warehouses pedagogical technologies: conceptual, conceptual-processual and professional. The purpose of introducing innovative technologies into the educational process of vocational education institutions has been clarified. The reasons for finding and implementing innovative pedagogical technologies in education are analyzed.


information technology, technologies, education system, innovative educational technologies.