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New Trends and Strategies For the Integration of Information and Communication Technologies in Educational Activities


Tеt?ana Vas?utina, Lidiia Cherednyk, Oksana Klymenko, Olena Sokur, Anatolii Shevchuk, Maryna Zatserkivna


Vol. 21  No. 9  pp. 169-172


The article discusses the results of a quantitative analysis of open educational resources in the field of information technology. Study is based on a study of the content of ten platforms that provide access to open resources (OPs). To achieve this goal, we used the following methods: theoretical analysis and generalization of Internet sources to determine the popularity of educational platforms and resources on them; quantitative data analysis to determine the relative proportion of IT courses in various parameters: the relative weight of courses in the IT field in general and on each platform in particular, the language of instruction, the quantitative content by thematic areas. The following platforms providing access to open educational resources were subjected to quantitative analysis: Coursera, Edx, Udemy, MIT OpenCourseWare, OpenLearn, Intuit, Prometheus, UoPeople, Open Learning Initiative, Maidan Open University.


information, administrative liability, right to information, legal liability, administrative offenses.