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Evolution Of Educational Activity: Digitalization Of Information Space Of Distance Education


Svitlana Postova, Svitlana Karpliuk, Olena Vdovina, Oksana Nakonechna, Oleksandr Khoroshev, Iryna Chernova


Vol. 21  No. 9  pp. 163-168


The article discusses the use of the concept of digitalization in the science of education. The influence of information technologies on the ability to self-study is analyzed. Various technologies that are used in science and education are shown. The issues of the advantages of using IT as a tool for creating conditions for the implementation of the problem-activity approach and the organization of project activities are considered. The possibilities are shown, which gives the opportunities that the use of ICT of distance educational resources in the educational process gives. Shown is their auxiliary form of transmission, information retrieval; working out skills and consolidating what has been learned. Based on the analysis of the presented material of the article, you can see what problems can be solved using IT and remote resources.


higher education, competencies, education system, information competence.