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A Novel Method for Avoiding Congestion in a Mobile Ad Hoc Network for Maintaining Service Quality in a Network


Khalid A. Alattas


Vol. 21  No. 9  pp. 132-140


Under the mobile ad-hoc network system, the main reason for causing congestion is because of the limited availability of resources. On the other hand, the standardised TCP based congestion controlling mechanism is unable to control and handle the major properties associated with the shared system of wireless channels. It creates an effect on the design associated with suitable protocols along with protocol stacks through the process of determining the mechanisms of congestion on a complete basis. Moreover, when bringing a comparison with standard TCP systems the major environment associated with mobile ad hoc network is regraded to be more problematic on a complete basis. On the other hand, an agent-based mobile technique for congestion is designed and developed for the part of avoiding any mode of congestion under the ad-hoc network systems.


Mobile Based Ad hoc Network Systems, traffic switching, Congestion, TCP, Mobile Agents