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Theoretical Foundations Of Election Campaign Research: Problems, Approaches And Methods


Valerii Dreshpak, Evgen Pavlenko, Nataliia Babachenko, liudmyla Prokopenko, Hennadii Senkevych, Mykola Marchuk


Vol. 21  No. 9  pp. 113-117


The article defines the basic concepts: ""election campaign"", ""social capital"", ""conversion of social capital""; the principles and methods of research of social capital conversion in election campaigns are studied; the process of using social capital in politics is defined; ways of converting social capital into politics are considered; the possibilities of converting social capital in election campaigns are described. Election campaigns have been found to be a successful form of social capital conversion. The ability to use social capital in the election campaign speaks of its high potential. Election campaigns are not an effective use of social capital.


election campaign, seafaring safety, converting social capital, mass media, socio-communicative competencies, technologies of communicative activity.