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IoT Connectivity Application for Smart Building based on Analysis and Prediction System


Ghenadie COROTINSCHI C?t?lin FR?NCU, Ionel ZAGAN and Vasile Gheorghi?? G?ITAN


Vol. 21  No. 9  pp. 103-108


The emergence of new technologies and their implementation by different manufacturers of electronic devices are experiencing an ascending trend. Most of the time, these protocols are expected to reach a certain degree of maturity, and electronic equipment manufacturers use simplified communication standards and interfaces that have already reached maturity in terms of their development such as ModBUS, KNX or CAN. This paper proposes an IoT solution of the Smart Home type based on an Analysis and Prediction System. A data acquisition component was implemented and there was defined an algorithm for the analysis and prediction of actions based on the values collected from the data update component and the data logger records.


IoT, Smart Building, Data Logger, Analysis and Prediction System