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Technological Aspects of the Use of Modern Intelligent Information Systems in Educational Activities by Teachers


Stanislav Tkachuk, Iryna Poluboiaryna, Olha Lapets†††, Oksana Lebid, Kateryna Fadyeyeva, Olena Udalova


Vol. 21  No. 9  pp. 99-102


The article considers one of the areas of development of artificial intelligence where there is the development of computer intelligent systems capable of performing functions traditionally considered intelligent - language comprehension, inference, use of accumulated knowledge, learning, pattern recognition, as well as learn and explain their decisions. It is found that informational intellectual systems are promising in their development. The article is devoted to intelligent information systems and technologies in educational activities, ie issues of organization, design, development and application of systems designed for information processing, which are based on the use of artificial intelligence methods.


information technology, communication technologies, education system, educational process.