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Malicious Trust Managers Identification (MTMI) in Peer to Peer Networks


Adwan Alownie Alanazi


Vol. 21  No. 9  pp. 91-98


Peer to Peer Networks play an increasing role in today’s networks, also it’s expected that this type of communication networks evolves more in the future. Since the number of users that is involved in Peer to Peer Networks is huge and will be increased more in the future, security issues will appear and increase as well. Thus, providing a sustainable solution is needed to ensure the security of Peer to Peer Networks. This paper is presenting a new protocol called Malicious Trust Managers Identification (MTMI). This protocol is used to ensure anonymity of trust manager, that computes and stores the trust value for another peer. The proposed protocol builds a secure connection between trust managers by using public key infrastructure. As well as experimental testing has been conducted to validate the proposed protocol.


Peer to Peer, Malicious Trust Managers Identification (MTMI), Trust Mangers