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Information Technology Knowledge Management taxonomy to enhance government electronic services in existence of COVID 19 outbreak


Dr. Ashraf Badawood? Dr. Hamad AlBadri


Vol. 21  No. 8  pp. 353-359


Information technology and the need for timely and effective communication during the Covid-19 have made most governments adopt technological approaches to provide their services. E-government services have been adopted by most governments especially in developed countries to quickly and effectively share information. This study discusses the reasons why governments in the Gulf region should develop a new model for information technology knowledge management practices. To achieve this, the author identified possible benefits of adopting information technology knowledge management practices and why most governments in the Gulf find it hard to adopt them. Knowledge management allows for learning, transfer as well as sharing of information between government organizations and citizens and with the development of technology, the effectiveness of electronic services can easily be achieved. Also, effective adoption of information technology can improve knowledge management with the help of techniques that enhance capture, storage, retrieval as well as sharing of information. The author used systematic literature review to select 28 journals and articles published post 2019. IEEE, Google Scholar and Science Direct were used to select potential studies from which 722 journals and articles were selected. Through screening and eligibility assessment, 21 articles were retained while the back and forward search had 7 more articles which were also included in the study. Using information gathered from these articles and journals a new conceptual model was developed to help improve information technology knowledge management for governments in the Gulf region to effectively deliver e-services during Covid-19. This model was developed based on the process of KM, Theory of Planned Behavior and Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology. Based on the developed model. From UTAUT model, performance expectancy, effort expectancy as well as social influence had a great impact.


Information Technology, Knowledge Management, Government E-services, Performance Expectancy, Effort Expectancy.