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Features Of Pedagogical Support Of Digital Competence Formation In Educational Activity


Valeriy Kharkivskiy, Ruslana Romanyshyn, Nadiia Broiako, Iryna Kochetkova, Olena Khlystun, Natalya Kobyzhcha, Alina Poplavska


Vol. 21  No. 8  pp. 276-280


The article presents the concept of ICT - competence, which is considered as the most important characteristic of professional competence, which includes a combination of the following components: motivational-value (orientation of the individual to the development of his ITC-competence in future professional activities); technological (complex of skills and abilities of ICT activities); cognitive (a system of knowledge of modern technologies of future professional activity); it is determined that the pedagogical support of the formation of ICT competence of future specialists is the individualization of the process training, due to their personal and professional needs and the specifics of a regional university, providing the necessary conditions for the implementation of this process.


information technology, communication technologies, education system, educational process, ICT competence.