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Lifesaver: Android-based Application for Human Emergency Falling State Recognition


Qaisar Abbas


Vol. 21  No. 8  pp. 267-275


Smart application is developed in this paper by using an android-based platform to automatically determine the human emergency state (Lifesaver) by using different technology sensors of the mobile. In practice, this Lifesaver has many applications, and it can be easily combined with other applications as well to determine the emergency of humans. For example, if an old human falls due to some medical reasons, then this application is automatically determining the human state and then calls a person from this emergency contact list. Moreover, if the car accidentally crashes due to an accident, then the Lifesaver application is also helping to call a person who is on the emergency contact list to save human life. Therefore, the main objective of this project is to develop an application that can save human life. As a result, the proposed Lifesaver application is utilized to assist the person to get immediate attention in case of absence of help in four different situations. To develop the Lifesaver system, the GPS is also integrated to get the exact location of a human in case of emergency. Moreover, the emergency list of friends and authorities is also maintained to develop this application. To test and evaluate the Lifesaver system, the 50 different human data are collected with different age groups in the range of (40-70) and the performance of the Lifesaver application is also evaluated and compared with other state-of-the-art applications. On average, the Lifesaver system is achieved 95.5% detection accuracy and the value of 91.5 based on emergency index metric, which is outperformed compared to other applications in this domain.


Mobil application, Android application, Healthcare, Detection of fall down state, sensor, disable human, Machine learning, Artificial neural network