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Modern Study on Internet of Medical Things (IOMT) Security


Ghada Sultan Aljumaie, Ghada Hisham Alzeer, Reham Khaild Alghamdi, Hatim Alsuwat, and Emad Alsuwat


Vol. 21  No. 8  pp. 254-266


The Internet of Medical Things (IoMTs) are to be considered an investment and an improvement to respond effectively and efficiently to patient needs, as it reduces healthcare costs, provides the timely attendance of medical responses, and increases the quality of medical treatment. However, IoMT devices face exposure from several security threats that defer in function and thus can pose a significant risk to how private and safe a patient's data is. This document works as a comprehensive review of modern approaches to achieving security within the Internet of Things. Most of the papers cited here are used been carefully selected based on how recently it has been published. The paper highlights some common attacks on IoMTs. Also, highlighting the process by which secure authentication mechanisms can be achieved on IoMTs, we present several means to detect different attacks in IoMTs


Internet of Medical Things, IoMT, Secure data, Blockchain.