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Cloud of Things (CoTs): Security Threats and Attacks


Sara Mutlaq Almtrafi, Bdour Abduallatif Alkhudadi, Hatim Alsuwat, and Emad Alsuwat


Vol. 21  No. 8  pp. 229-237


Cloud of things (CoTs) is a newer idea which combines cloud computing (CC) with the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT capable of comprehensively producing data, and cloud computing can be presented pathways that allow for the progression towards specific destinations. Integrating these technologies leads to the formation of a separate element referred to as the Cloud of Things (CoTs). It helps implement ideas that make businesses more efficient. This technology is useful for monitoring a device or a machine and managing or connecting them. Since there are a substantial amount of machines that can run the IoT, there is now more data available from the IoT that would have to be stored on a local basis for a provisional period, and this is impossible. CoTs is used to help manage and analyze data to additionally create usable information by permitting and applying the development of advanced technology. However, combining these elements has a few drawbacks in terms of how secure the process is. This investigation aims to recent study literature from the past 3 years that talk about how secure the technology is in terms of protecting by authentication, reliability, availability, confidentiality, and access control. Additionally, this investigation includes a discussion regarding some kinds of potential attacks when using Cloud of Things. It will also cover what the various authors recommend and conclude with as well as how the situation can be approached to prevent an attack.


Cloud of things (CoTs), Security, Attacks and Protection.