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Cybercrime as a Discourse of Interpretations: the Semantics of Speech Silence vs Psychological Motivation for Actual Trouble


Vitaliy Matveev, Nykytchenko Olena Eduardivna, Nataliia Stefanova, Svitlana Khrypko, Alla Ishchuk, Katerina PASKO


Vol. 21  No. 8  pp. 203-211


The article studies the discourse and a legal uncertainty of the popular and generally understandable concept of cybercrime. The authors reveal the doctrinal approaches to the definition of cybercrime, cyberspace, computer crime. The analysis of international legal acts and legislation of Ukraine in fighting cybercrime is carried out. The conclusion is made about the need to improve national legislation and establish international cooperation to develop the tools for countering cybercrime and minimizing its negative outcomes. The phenomenon of nicknames is studied as a semantic source, which potentially generates a number of threats and troubles ? the crisis of traditional anthroponymic culture, identity crisis, hidden sociality, and indefinite institutionalization, incognito style, a range of manifestations of loneliness ? from voluntary solitude to traumatic isolation and forced detachment. The core idea is that it is the phenomenon of incognito and hidden name (nickname and other alternatives) that is the motivational stimulus for the fact of information trouble or crime.


Cybercrime, netcrime, loneliness, interpretation contexts, nickname, anthroponyms, values, axioconceptosphere.