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A Pattern Matching Extended Compression Algorithm for DNA Sequences


Murugan. A and Punitha. K


Vol. 21  No. 8  pp. 196-202


DNA sequencing provides fundamental data in genomics, bioinformatics, biology and many other research areas. With the emergent evolution in DNA sequencing technology, a massive amount of genomic data is produced every day, mainly DNA sequences, craving for more storage and bandwidth. Unfortunately, managing, analyzing and specifically storing these large amounts of data become a major scientific challenge for bioinformatics. Those large volumes of data also require a fast transmission, effective storage, superior functionality and provision of quick access to any record. Data storage costs have a considerable proportion of total cost in the formation and analysis of DNA sequences. In particular, there is a need of highly control of disk storage capacity of DNA sequences but the standard compression techniques unsuccessful to compress these sequences. Several specialized techniques were introduced for this purpose. Therefore, to overcome all these above challenges, lossless compression techniques have become necessary. In this paper, it is described a new DNA compression mechanism of pattern matching extended Compression algorithm that read the input sequence as segments and find the matching pattern and store it in a permanent or temporary table based on number of bases. The remaining unmatched sequence is been converted into the binary form and then it is been grouped into binary bits i.e. of seven bits and gain these bits are been converted into an ASCII form. Finally, the proposed algorithm dynamically calculates the compression ratio. Thus the results show that pattern matching extended Compression algorithm outperforms cutting-edge compressors and proves its efficiency in terms of compression ratio regardless of the file size of the data.


DNA sequence, pattern matching, lossless compression, compression ratio