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Security of Web Applications: Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Protection Methods


Asma Mohammed, Jamilah Alkhathami, Hatim Alsuwat, Emad Alsuwat


Vol. 21  No. 8  pp. 167-176


This is the world of computer science and innovations. In this modern era, every day new apps, webs and software are being introduced. As well as new apps and software are being introduced, similarly threats and vulnerable security matters are also increasing. Web apps are software that can be used by customers for numerous useful tasks, and because of the developer experience of good programming standards, web applications that can be used by an attacker also have multiple sides. Web applications Security is expected to protect the content of critical web and to ensure secure data transmission. Application safety must therefore be enforced across all infrastructure, including the web application itself, that supports the web applications. Many organizations currently have a type of web application protection scheme or attempt to build/develop, but the bulk of these schemes are incapable of generating value consistently and effectively, and therefore do not improve developers' attitude in building/designing stable Web applications. This article aims to analyze the attacks on the website and address security scanners of web applications to help us resolve web application security challenges.


web applications, threats, attacks, security