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Smart Vehicle Parking Management System using Image Processing


Maria Waqas, Umar Iftikhar, Muhammad Safwan, Zain Ul Abidin, and Ahmed Saud


Vol. 21  No. 8  pp. 161-166


The term parking management system usually refers to the custom built hardware intensive systems installed in building and malls. However, there are many places where such expensive solutions cannot be installed due to various reasons, like cost and urgent/temporary setup requirements. This project focuses on developing a parking management system based on image processing to detect vacant parking slot in an area where automated systems are not installed. Camera images of the parking area are subjected to image processing algorithm which marks virtual slots in the area and extracts occupancy information to guide the incoming drivers about availability and position of vacant spaces. The application consists of two interfaces: one for the guidance of the incoming drivers and the other one for the administrator. The later interface also informs the administrator if a car is not parked properly in the virtual slot. This parking system would reduce the stress and time wastage associated with car parking and would make the management of such areas less costly.


MaskRCNN, temporary parking space detection, firebase, real-time car detection.