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Modernization determinants by ensuring economic security of enterprises in the competitive conditions


Tetiana Tkachenko, Svitlana Tulchynska, Olena Kostiunik, Olha Vovk, Nataliia Kovalenko


Vol. 21  No. 8  pp. 119-126


The study develops methodological aspects for modeling the determining impact of modernization on the enterprise’s economic security in development competitive conditions using the model of speed, stability and spaciousness of modernization. Modeling the determining impact of modernization on the enterprise’s economic security in a competitive conditions involves: firstly, the formation of estimated modeling indicators in accordance with the speed, stability and spaciousness of the enterprise’s modernization; secondly, establishing the weight of indicators in the assessment system using the tools of cognitive judgment; thirdly, the establishment of reference values of sound evaluation indicators; fourthly, the calculations of the integrated impact assessment of the modernization’s determining impact modeling on the enterprise’s ensuring economic security in a competitive conditions; fifthly, conducting calculations and analytical summarization of the results. To determine a comprehensive integrated indicator of the modernization changes impact on the competitiveness and economic security of enterprises, we use the correlation method of the calculated value with the reference value, as well as use weights for groups of calculations. Approbation of modeling of determining influence of modernization on maintenance of economic safety of the enterprise in competitive conditions of development by authors was carried out concerning such enterprises, as: JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”, SE “Ukraerorukh”, SE IA “Boryspil”, SE “Ukrposhta”, KP “Kyivpastrans”.


Economic Security of the Enterprise, Competitiveness, Modernization Determinants, Integration Influence, Speed of Realization, Stability of Innovations, Space of Modernization.