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Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization for improved data privacy using the emergent blockchain in banking systems


Anfal ALRUWAILI and Saloua Hendaoui


Vol. 21  No. 8  pp. 111-118


Banking systems are sensitive to data privacy since users' data, if not well protected, may be used to perform fake transactions. Blockchains, public and private, are frequently used in such systems thanks to their efficiency and high security. Public blockchains fail to fully protect users' data, despite their power in the accuracy of the transactions. The private blockchain is better used to protect the privacy of the sensitive data. They are not open and they apply authorization to login into the blockchain. However, they have a lower security compared to public blockchain. We propose in this paper a hybrid public-private architecture that profits from network virtualization. The main novelty of this proposal is the use of network virtualization that helps to reduce the complexity and efficiency of the computations. Simulations have been conducted to evaluate the performance of the proposed solution. Findings prove the efficiency of the scheme in reducing complexity and enhancing data privacy by guarantee high security. The contribution conducted by this proposal is that the results are verified by the centralized controller that ensures a correct validation of the resulted blockchains. In addition, computation complexity is to be reduced by profiting from the cooperation performed by the virtual agents.


cybersecurity, data privacy, network virtualization, complexity, computation, public, private blockchain