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Distance Learning In Ukraine: Problems And Connection With Modern Computer Technologies


Viktor Skoromnyi, Olha Voichenko, Liliya Ostapenko, Olga Trynko, Oleksii Shportko, Olena Tishkina


Vol. 21  No. 8  pp. 105-110


The article presents the idea that in the conditions of modernization of higher professional education, there is an obvious contradiction between the practical need of higher education for a scientifically grounded theory and methodology of distance learning for students and the lack of the necessary didactic and content-methodological guidelines for its implementation. In theoretical research and applied development, as a rule, the technocratic approach prevails. The emphasis is on the technical capabilities of modern computers and telecommunications. Productively, from a pedagogical point of view, this contradiction can be resolved on the basis of modeling distance learning management for students, developing and implementing a corporate information educational environment in universities, increasing the effectiveness of the methodology of pedagogical interaction between students and teachers during the implementation of distance learning.


information technology, communication technologies, education system, educational process, distance learning.