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Strategic Guidelines for The Intensification of Regional Development Under the Impact of Potential-Forming Determinants in the Conditions of Digitalization


Rostislav Tulchinskiy, Viktoriia Chobitok, Marta Dergaliuk, Tetiana Semenchuk, Iryna Tarnovska


Vol. 21  No. 8  pp. 97-104


The key challenges and problematic aspects of the formation of intellectually and innovation-oriented strategies of regional entities at the present stage of their development are considered. The main tasks that arise in the process of strategizing the potential-forming development of regional economic systems in the context of digitalization are identified. The list of key organizational and economic directions of strategic character of providing intellectual and innovative development of regional economic systems is formed, which includes clustering of centers of high-tech development of regions, creation of creative hubs, development of knowledge infrastructure and improvement of interregional cooperation; a brief description of each of the presented strategic organizational and economic directions is given. Based on the analysis, the key strategic guidelines for the development of regional economic entities in the context of digitalization under the influence of potential-forming determinants, which form the content basis for further processes of strategizing qualitative aspects of development of specific regional entities.


Region, Regional Policy, Potential-Forming Determinants, Intellectual And Innovative Development, Digitalization.