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An Optimized e-Lecture Video Search and Indexing framework


Lakshmi Haritha Medida and Kasarapu Ramani


Vol. 21  No. 8  pp. 87-96


The demand for e-learning through video lectures is rapidly increasing due to its diverse advantages over the traditional learning methods. This led to massive volumes of web-based lecture videos. Indexing and retrieval of a lecture video or a lecture video topic has thus proved to be an exceptionally challenging problem. Many techniques listed by literature were either visual or audio based, but not both. Since the effects of both the visual and audio components are equally important for the content-based indexing and retrieval, the current work is focused on both these components. A framework for automatic topic-based indexing and search depending on the innate content of the lecture videos is presented. The text from the slides is extracted using the proposed Merged Bounding Box (MBB) text detector. The audio component text extraction is done using Google Speech Recognition (GSR) technology. This hybrid approach generates the indexing keywords from the merged transcripts of both the video and audio component extractors. The search within the indexed documents is optimized based on the Na?ve Bayes (NB) Classification and K-Means Clustering models. This optimized search retrieves results by searching only the relevant document cluster in the predefined categories and not the whole lecture video corpus. The work is carried out on the dataset generated by assigning categories to the lecture video transcripts gathered from e-learning portals. The performance of search is assessed based on the accuracy and time taken. Further the improved accuracy of the proposed indexing technique is compared with the accepted chain indexing technique.


Classification, Clustering, CNN, Indexing, Machine Learning, Text Detector, Video retrieval.