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Outsourcing as a Modern Form of International Labor Division


Viktoriia Kiptenko, Oleksandra Razumova, Oksana Boriushkina, Vera Romanova, Anna Negoda


Vol. 21  No. 8  pp. 43-50


For the implementation of innovative products or services companies use different innovation strategies, in particular, outsourcing is quite widespread, given the high level of specialization and professionalism of companies that provide such services. The aim of this article was to evaluate the link between outsourcing of innovative activities and indicators of companies' efficiency. The methodology of the research includes the methods of correlation analysis and regression analysis to reveal the correlation between the use of outsourcing of innovative products and services and the turnover of the EU enterprises. The results show a high level of innovative activity of EU enterprises (50.3% innovatively active). Innovative business processes are the most widespread form of innovation activity (41% of enterprises implement business processes, and the indicator is higher than 41% in the most developed EU countries). The turnover of enterprises with new or substantially improved products was found to grow by 10.92% for the period 2016-2018. The correlation analysis shows weak direct links between the indicator of turnover growth and the number of enterprises that have independently implemented innovations, or have implemented innovations jointly with third-party companies, or using outsourcing services. The highest level of direct connection was found between the growth of turnover of enterprises that launched a new product for the market and the growth of the number of enterprises that implemented innovations with the involvement of organizations (correlation 0.273). Based on the regression analysis it was found that with a 1% change in the growth rate of the number of innovation-active enterprises, the growth rate of turnover from new or improved products increased by 5.67%. At the same time, with a 1% change in the growth rate of the number of enterprises that implement innovation through outsourcing, the growth rate of turnover from new or improved products will increase by 7.15%.


Outsourcing, International Labor Division, Business Process Outsourcing, Outsourcing and Innovation, Innovation-Active Companies.