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Models for Internet Traffic Sharing in Computer Network


Othman A. Alrusaini, Emad A. Shafie, Badreldin O. S. Elgabbani


Vol. 21  No. 8  pp. 28-34


Internet Service Providers (ISPs) constantly endeavor to resolve network congestion, in order to provide fast and cheap services to the customers. This study suggests two models based on Markov chain, using three and four access attempts to complete the call. It involves a comparative study of four models to check the relationship between Internet Access sharing traffic, and the possibility of network jamming. The first model is a Markov chain, based on call-by-call attempt, whereas the second is based on two attempts. Models III&IV suggested by the authors are based on the assumption of three and four attempts. The assessment reveals that sometimes by increasing the number of attempts for the same operator, the chances for the customers to complete the call, is also increased due to blocking probabilities. Three and four attempts express the actual relationship between traffic sharing and blocking probability based on Markov using MATLAB tools with initial probability values. The study reflects shouting results compared to I&II models using one and two attempts. The success ratio of the first model is 84.5%, and that of the second is 90.6% to complete the call, whereas models using three and four attempts have 94.95% and 95.12% respectively to complete the call.


Internet traffic, Call attempts, Call block, Markov chain, ISP.