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AVOIDITALS: Enhanced Cyber-attack Taxonomy in Securing Information Technology Infrastructure


Melwin Syafrizal, Siti Rahayu Selamat, and Nurul Azma Zakaria


Vol. 21  No. 8  pp. 1-12


An operation of an organization is currently using a digital environment which opens to potential cyber-attacks. These phenomena become worst as the cyberattack landscape is changing rapidly. The impact of cyber-attacks varies depending on the scope of the organization and the value of assets that need to be protected. It is difficult to assess the damage to an organization from cyberattacks due to a lack of understanding of tools, metrics, and knowledge on the type of attacks and their impacts. Hence, this paper aims to identify domains and sub-domains of cyber-attack taxonomy to facilitate the understanding of cyber-attacks. Four phases are carried in this research: identify existing cyber-attack taxonomy, determine and classify domains and sub-domains of cyber-attack, and construct the enhanced cyber-attack taxonomy. The existing cyber-attack taxonomies are analyzed, domains and sub-domains are selected based on the focus and objectives of the research, and the proposed taxonomy named AVOIDITALS Cyber-attack Taxonomy is constructed. AVOIDITALS consists of 8 domains, 105 sub-domains, 142 sub-sub-domains, and 90 other sub-sub-domains that act as a guideline to assist administrators in determining cyber-attacks through cyber-attacks pattern identification that commonly occurred on digital infrastructure and provide the best prevention method to minimize impact. This research can be further developed in line with the emergence of new types and categories of current cyberattacks and the future.


Cyber-attack taxonomy, AVOIDITALS, Cyber-attack domain.