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Multi-Objective Pareto Optimization of Parallel Synthesis of Embedded Computer Systems


Mieczysław Drabowski


Vol. 21  No. 3  pp. 304-310


The paper presents problems of optimization of the synthesis of embedded systems, in particular Pareto optimization. The model of such a system for its design for high-level of abstract is based on the classic approach known from the theory of task scheduling, but it is significantly extended, among others, by the characteristics of tasks and resources as well as additional criteria of optimal system in scope structure and operation. The metaheuristic algorithm operating according to this model introduces a new approach to system synthesis, in which parallelism of task scheduling and resources partition is applied. An algorithm based on a genetic approach with simulated annealing and Boltzmann tournaments, avoids local minima and generates optimized solutions. Such a synthesis is based on the implementation of task scheduling, resources identification and partition, allocation of tasks and resources and ultimately on the optimization of the designed system in accordance with the optimization criteria regarding cost of implementation, execution speed of processes and energy consumption by the system during operation. This paper presents examples and results for multi-criteria optimization, based on calculations for specifying non-dominated solutions and indicating a subset of Pareto solutions in the space of all solutions.


parallel synthesis, optimization, non-dominated solution, optimal Pareto set of solutions