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Development of Small Farms in the Agro-Industrial Complex


Iaroslav Petrunenko, Oleg Pohrishchuk, Mariia Plotnikova, Yuliia Zolotnytska, Andrii Dligach


Vol. 21  No. 3  pp. 287-294


Modern small farms are important link components in the structure of the world agro-industrial complex. It ensures the food and nutritional sustainability of the country exclusively at the local regional level. The purpose of the research is to examine the role of farming in ensuring nutritional security and food stability based on the analysis of the Food Sustainability Index (FSI). Research methods: modeling, abstraction, analogy, analysis, synthesis, formalization, logical abstraction, theoretical cognition, systematization and classification, abstract-logical, etc. Results. Having analyzed the Food Sustainability Index for 2018, it has been established that there is a lack of a clear relationship between the pace of economic development and the level of food and nutritional sustainability. In addition, this study has identified the countries with the largest number of small farms, as well as the number of farms within the region. The correlation between the size of the farm and the area of agricultural land that it cultivates has been determined. The problems faced by small farms in the process of their activity have been analyzed. The programs implemented in the field of agro-industrial complex development by international profile institutions have been systematized. Particularly, the regional structure of agricultural development programs under the guidance of IFAD is defined, as well as the areas to which they are directed. Specific measures taken by governments to stimulate the development of small farms have been outlined. Reasonable conclusions have been formed based on the study. The direction of future research is seen in the assessment of the export potential of small farms in terms of range, volume of export deliveries and geographical direction of movement of their products.


Small Farm, Agro-Industrial Development Programs, Food and Nutritional Security, Food Sustainability Index, International Funds.