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An Intelligent Framework for Feature Detection and Health Recommendation System of Diseases


Dinesh Mavaluru


Vol. 21  No. 3  pp. 177-184


All over the world, people are affected by many chronic diseases and medical practitioners are working hard to find out the symptoms and remedies for the diseases. Many researchers focus on the feature detection of the disease and trying to get a better health recommendation system. It is necessary to detect the features automatically to provide the most relevant solution for the disease. This research gives the framework of Health Recommendation System (HRS) for identification of relevant and non-redundant features in the dataset for prediction and recommendation of diseases. This system consists of three phases such as Pre-processing, Feature Selection and Performance evaluation. It supports for handling of missing and noisy data using the proposed Imputation of missing data and noise detection based Pre-processing algorithm (IMDNDP). The selection of features from the pre-processed dataset is performed by proposed ensemble-based feature selection using an expert's knowledge (EFS-EK). It is very difficult to detect and monitor the diseases manually and also needs the expertise in the field so that process becomes time consuming. Finally, the prediction and recommendation can be done using Support Vector Machine (SVM) and rule-based approaches.


Feature Detection, Health Recommendation System, Expert’s Knowledge, Pre-Processing, Noise Detection, Decision Support System.