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Information and Analytical Support of Anti-Corruption Policy


Anatolii Novak, Vitalii Bashtannyk, Oksana Parkhomenko-Kutsevil, Vasyl Kuybida, Nataliia Kobyzhcha


Vol. 21  No. 3  pp. 134-140


The development of technology speeds up the process of obtaining information and its analysis to track the level of corruption in different countries and develop countermeasures. This study examines the role of information and analytical support of anti-corruption policy as a tool for government accountability and analysis, evaluation, combating corruption in Eastern Europe. The purpose of the article is to identify the components of the information-analytical system that help reduce the level of corruption. The research methodology is based on a qualitative content analysis of the functioning of information and analytical systems of Ukraine used by anti-corruption bodies. A quantitative analysis of the CPI score was conducted, according to Transparency International, to identify the effectiveness of anti-corruption policies in developing countries. The results show similar trends in countries developing on the effect of the use of information and analytical systems in the implementation of anti-corruption policies, strategies and measures. The strategy to combat corruption mainly involves increasing the independence and powers of anti-corruption bodies. Therefore, the development of information and analytical support is aimed at automating the processes of pre-trial investigations and criminal proceedings, information protection. As a tool for accountability, information and analytical systems may be ineffective due to the abuse of power by higher anti-corruption bodies due to political pressure from elite structures. Restrictions on political will are a major problem for the effectiveness of anti-corruption policies.


Information-analytical Support, Anti-corruption Policy, Strategies for Overcoming Corruption, Models of Anti-corruption Strategies.