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Evaluation of The Use of Inertial Navigation Systems to Improve The Accuracy of Object Navigation


Maksym Iasechko, Oleksandr Shelukhin, Alexandr Maranov, Serhii Lukianenko, Oleksandr Basarab, Oleh Hutchenko


Vol. 21  No. 3  pp. 71-75


The article discusses the dead reckoning of the traveled path based on the analysis of the video data stream coming from the optoelectronic surveillance devices; the use of relief data makes it possible to partially compensate for the shortcomings of the first method. Using the overlap of the photo-video data stream, the terrain is restored. Comparison with a digital terrain model allows the location of the aircraft to be determined; the use of digital images of the terrain also allows you to determine the coordinates of the location and orientation by comparing the current view information. This method provides high accuracy in determining the absolute coordinates even in the absence of relief. It also allows you to find the absolute position of the camera, even when its approximate coordinates are not known at all.


reference image, geometric invariants, selective images, decision function.