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A Post-Quantum Commitment Scheme based on spLWE


Jinsu Kim


Vol. 20  No. 12  pp. 265-271


We propose a new post-quantum commitment scheme whose security is based on the hardness of spLWE assumption. This scheme satisfies computational hiding and perfect binding properties. To the best of our knowledge, our scheme is the first LWE-based commitment scheme where the message space is a whole vector space over Z_q. This property is efficient and useful when constructing zero-knowledge proofs for actively secure threshold encryptions based on LWE. In order to improve its performance, we exploit spLWE that is a sparse secret variant of LWE. Our implementation shows that the proposed scheme takes tens of milliseconds for committing, and verifying. As an application, we give a zero-knowledge proof for opening information of commitments which can be used for the active security.


Post-Quantum, commitment, zero-knowledge proof, LWE, spLWE